Rib Tickler

Oops, Planet Dom is suffering a malfunction

There’s a 6 pack in there somewhere

At the time of writing, Dom is training to climb Mount Everest. (There’ll be more about his progress in later blogs).

You could say Dom is a bit of a sports fanatic. He has to be, as training is extremely hard for this challenge of a lifetime. He rows five times a week, plays indoor hockey twice a week, has just started playing underwater hockey to help his anaerobic fitness, and tries to convince me that a weekly round of golf also helps with his training. His biggest commitment is walking five days a week, for up to two hours, carrying a 25kg rucksack.

As photos on this blog will testify, we’ve both had some fluctuating weight issues over the years, so he was tickled pink to see so much training having a positive effect on his physique.

“I’m getting so fit, I’m looking ribbed.”

“I think you mean ‘ripped’, dear” I replied.


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