Mind the Gap

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

We’ve recently returned from a cracking Halloween Ball weekend in the Forest of Dean, spending Saturday night in a candle-lit cave, partying to the witching hour and beyond.

There were various activities to do during the weekend, and whilst I spent Saturday meeting up with old friends and searching for last minute adornments to our Halloween costumes, Dom opted to go caving. He looked through the list of attendees and spotted Colin’s name.  Unfortunately, Colin was suffering from a bad cold and had pulled out, deciding it was better for him to recuperate rather than attempt anything too strenuous.

“Oh, but I was relying on you going.” says Dom. Intrigued over the concern for his welfare, Colin asked why.

“As you’re larger than me, I knew if you could get through the gaps, I could!”

How not to win friends and influence people!


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