Extreme Knitting

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We loved organising Spice events and were always looking for new and exciting events to tempt people out of their comfort zone. Every year, on the run-up to April Fool’s Day we would conjure up a one-off, unique experience and way back in 2007 the event was Extreme Knitting.

Let me explain, this wasn’t a real event, but bearing in mind we organised 100+ events every month, it was easy to pass it off as authentic. Every month we held a series of Preview Nights for potential new members to find out more about us. On one such night we mentioned the April Fool event which prompted everyone to scour the pages to find it.

“Is it Underwater Hockey?”

“No, that’s a real event.”

“What about riding a Mini Motorbike?”

“No, that’s also real.”

Our ramble leaders were in on the deception and had kindly obliged us with some great photos to make the subterfuge more realistic. All our events had a write up, and this was the blurb we concocted:

“After the success of their Orienteering Days in Bracknell Forest, and Shotover Park, we asked ACG Adventures to come up with something a little bit different and they have come up with a belter! Join Geoff and Cara for an afternoon spent running around the forest – with a difference.

You’ve heard of Extreme Ironing – well here is the next big thing – Extreme Knitting! So many film stars are taking up knitting, it really has become incredibly cool. The main aim of the day is to have some fun in groups of three or four searching for clues, whilst hopefully improving our navigation and knitting! When we have reached our destination there will be a pack waiting for you, with a different coloured ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles. You will have to negotiate your way around 16 different areas, and knit 2 rows at each location until you have finished a 3’ long scarf. Penalties will be given for dropped stitches and poor tension and there will be a prize for the most aesthetically pleasing scarf.

Geoff and Cara will be on hand to help where necessary and whilst navigation skills and being able to knit are an advantage, neither are essential. There will be a brief introduction on the skills needed at the start.”

We even put a clue at the end:

*Before booking this event, you might want to check the date!* 

We had 3 bona-fide bookings and countless requests to organise it as a real event, but couldn’t persuade Geoff to run it for us, or learn how to knit!



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