Addendum #2

Oops, Planet Dom is suffering a malfunction

All I want for Christmas

We’ve all heard the horror stories of men buying (usually soon-to-be ex) wives a mop or a bread-bin as a Christmas or birthday present. In a recent post The Key to My Heart, I mentioned Dom hadn’t made a festive faux pas. I lied. If you want the full set, you can read about my funny Valentine in Addendum #1, and here’s the second instalment. No doubt I’ll be reminded of a few more as time goes by.

Who doesn’t like to sing? We can’t all be blessed with melodious vocal chords, but singing lifts the soul and tells the world we’re happy. Okay, it might not be such a pleasurable experience for those around us if our singing voice is more akin to Scooby-Doo, but I thought the following comment was taking it too far:

“I’m going to buy you singing lessons for Christmas.”

That suggestion fell on tone-deaf ears.

6 thoughts on “Addendum #2

  1. Funny! I love taking long walk in the cemetery and sometimes I sing at the top of my lungs… Fortunately, there is no one in the cemetery (because OMG I sing really badly). But it’s not the dead who will tell me to shut up.

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