30 thoughts on “Mongolia

    • The trip was called Mongolian Adventure, one person’s feedback was “where was the adventure?” which summed it up nicely. Days upon days in the Russian equivalent of a VW Camper van, seeing the same terrain isn’t my idea of amazing. Still, we ate lots of tinned cherries and drank fermented mare’s milk which is as disgusting as it sounds!


  1. We hit the same things! Although I wasn’t able to drink mare’s milk, totally bummed me out. How was it? And ride in soviet vans is def enough of an adventure! lol! (Loved those things!)

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  2. Great set of pics. We’ve visited Mongolia twice—the first time driving across (usually no road) from west to east and the second on the train east to west. That second trip was just three months ago. The Beatles is currently surrounded by construction and can’t be seen. Thanks for the jaunt.

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  3. Great you went to the Gobi! Camels are the only things I did not see during my Mongolia trip, had not enough time. Looks like something you will never forget. And what I love about Mongolia is that it is not as touristic as the rest yet so it really feels like the real thing!

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    • We went in August and it was still very cold at night in the north. If you do go, please fit a festival into your itinerary, I felt like we really missed out on this.


  4. Looks really cool! A bit greener than Inmer Mongolia on the China-side where I was recently, and seemingly warmer. Did you go in summer? Even in early October when I went it was freezing. Would love to go to Mongolia one day!

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