Kim Wilde

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Today we welcome 80’s icon Kim Wilde to Planet Dom. Kim brought us some truly wonderful 80’s pop songs including ‘Kids in America,’ ‘Chequered Love’ and ‘Never Trust a Stranger.’ She looks as good today as she did back in her hey day. Click here to find out who our first VIP was to pop in to say hello.

This year, Dom is climbing Mount Everest, raising funds for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. I have been secretly approaching some of Dom’s heroes, asking them to send him a goodwill message.

After getting several refusals, I thought I should give up this endeavour as a lost cause. And then the wonderful Kim send through this, showing what a true superstar she really is.




“Stay safe, Dom!” Kim Wilde


14 thoughts on “Kim Wilde

  1. Wow! Go Dom! That will be an amaaaazing achievement.

    I am totally out of the loop. so I’m not sure who Kim Wilde is, but yay that she’s giving Dom a shout out. She must be a good’un.

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