Monthly Round-Up: May

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

I know I’m ridiculously late in publishing my May Round-Up, and the minute I publish this post I shall be concentrating on my my monthly round-up for June, but life has been madder than usual on Planet Dom of late, as some of you know all too well.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but in the UK our northern friends opened their curtains on Easter Sunday to more of the white stuff. Sometimes it snows in April, as the Purple One once warbled. Why am I talking about Easter you might well ask, well this year, Easter Sunday coincided with April Fool’s Day. It tickled me pink to think of all the mums and dads substituting chocolatey goodness for some less appetising treats on their kids’ Easter egg hunts! Did you participate in any way? I wrote about our first April Fool, where we advertised a ‘Kwidditch’ match (geddit?) at the newly opened Harry Potter studios. Back in 2005 the studios were still being used to shoot those iconic films, the theme park aspect was just a figment of my over-fertile imagination. Then in a case of life imitating art the real Harry Potter studios opened to the public some seven years later. Do you think someone read my post and thought, hey what a neat idea? I’d like to think so.

Dom’s Everest Adventure

Back to the main reason for the lack of concentration on my blog; Dom started and completed his Everest adventure. He was away for a total of seven weeks and it was a quiet, anxious and lonely time looking after our little planet on my own, but he sent regular Facebook and Messenger updates, one from 8,300 metres which is astonishing that the remotest parts of the UK get very little mobile phone coverage.

There are huge risks involved in mountaineering; on Dom’s previous climb of Denali there was a serious incident involving another climber, so it came as no surprise that Dom’s personal updates to me varied greatly to the ‘public’ announcements he was making on his Facebook page. So whilst his 800+ followers were enjoying the thrill of the adventure, my anxiety levels were soaring through the roof. If you want a roller-coaster ride of a read, check out Dom’s personal recollections of his experience Climbing the North Ridge and his harrowing account of Summit Day. For some of the most amazing photos taken on on a mobile phone, check out Camping on Everest’s North Ridge. Do you remember the chocolate stash? Unable to eat it all, he brought some back and a few lucky souls have sampled a chocolate bar which nearly got to the top of the world and back down again.

The mortality rate for climbers on Everest is shockingly high and every year many more climbers will lose their lives, spending time immemorial on that magnificent and deadly mountain. My heart goes out to their loved ones, life will never be the same for them again, and every day I thank my lucky stars that Dom was able to make the right decision and made it down safely.

New Tag Line

I published a post asking for input on a new tag line. This post had a great response and opinion was split over 6 of the 10 suggestions. Only four didn’t receive any votes, a bit like Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a close call, but the winner was ‘Where humour and adventure collide.’ I hope you like it.

Social Media

A few months ago I mentioned that I’d set up a couple of new accounts – StumbleUpon and Tumblr. They have brought no  new traffic to my blog whatsoever, but I’ll continue with them for the near future. I’d be interested in hearing if any other bloggers use these as the jury seems to be pretty much divided on whether they’re worth the effort. My Twitter account has also been sadly neglected and I’m currently looking for the enthusiasm to reignite my interest.


Every week I try to read some new blogs, but I have been very distracted of late. ‘Must try harder’ as my English teacher never tired of writing in my school report. I was incredibly disheartened to discover that the Daily Post had stopped the Friday Forum and Community Pool; these forums were my main source of inspiration for discovering new bloggers and meeting up with old friends. I think part of my lack of motivation stems from not enjoying my weekly dip in the pool. I really don’t know how new bloggers can hope to expand their blogs without this vital support network, I know my little blog would still be in its infancy without it.



That’s all for now, folks. I hope the sun is shining in your part of the blogosphere!



Photo courtesy of MILKOVÍ on Unsplash




8 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up: May

  1. It’s just so hard to make time to read other blogs- I can totally relate to that. And congratulations to Dom on his Mt Everest adventure!

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  2. Congrats on Dom’s safe return home and what a great adventure he can carry with him the rest of his life. Memories are worth more than gold to me and the best thing is that they can’t be stolen. My daughter started a tumblr account for me but I never really got any visits and only a few followers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree, I always say, when you’re lying on your death bed, looking back on your life, will you remember the memories you made or the new car / frock / shoes that you thought was going to change your life? No brainer.


  3. Congratulations to Dom—that’s an outstanding achievement, but I bet you’re a whole lot more relaxed now.

    I had several school reports that said “must try harder” too.

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