Monthly Round-Up: April

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Well, Easter was a bit of a wash-out in the UK; for three days it chucked it down in the south, whilst some of our northern friends opened their curtains on Easter Sunday to more of the white stuff. Sometimes it snows in April, as the Purple One once warbled. This year, Easter Sunday coincided … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: April



Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Congratulations on getting 500 total follows on The Planet According to Dom! Your current tally is 502. 500 Followers? Holey-Moley! These blogging centuries really are like buses; you wait for ages for the first one to arrive, then the others arrive in quick succession. I'm sitting here dumbfounded, scratching my head wondering "How on Earth … Continue reading 500 Followers!