What’s My (Tag) Line?

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

The purpose of my blog, when I first started it, was to concentrate on Dom's dyslexia and the trials and tribulations of being a dyslexic, hence the tagline 'The workings of a dyslexic mind'. Since then it has morphed into an account of our memories, including those of running an adventure group called Spice. 'The workings … Continue reading What’s My (Tag) Line?



Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Congratulations on getting 500 total follows on The Planet According to Dom! Your current tally is 502. 500 Followers? Holey-Moley! These blogging centuries really are like buses; you wait for ages for the first one to arrive, then the others arrive in quick succession. I'm sitting here dumbfounded, scratching my head wondering "How on Earth … Continue reading 500 Followers!